Gumroad – Tech heavy Pro Kit (400+ 2d-3d Elements)

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Gumroad – Tech heavy Pro Kit (400+ 2d-3d Elements)

This is the complete Tech Heavy Kit containing all the 2d and 3d elements you will need to create amazing concepts! This kit includes the following:

3d elements - Over 200 individual elements from my own personal kit that I've been using for over 3 years to create concepts in my professional work. Finding different ways to combine these elements is both fun and quick! I frequently use these elements to create concepts in less than 30 minutes that would otherwise take days from scratch!

Created in 3DS Max, provided with OBJ, FBX and ABC

2d Photoshop Tech Heavy Brushes - Using the 3d elements I created a bespoke set of 80 brushes to use in any program that supports Photoshop brushes. The endless creative potential these brushes have can really push your imagination to the limit! Use them to create industrial cityscapes, Mech robots, weapons, or simply use them to add texture to existing artwork to make your work really pop out!

Tech Heavy 2d Elements - This is a PSD file containing the 3d elements rendered at high resolution. You can use these like building bricks to quickly design industrial elements such as robots, weapons, equipment and so forth. Simple extract the desired elements, move them around, cut them up, transform them as you like into a desired configuration.

Tech Heavy Stickers - This is a collection of PSDs that were used to create the brushes. These are bespoke designs using the 2d Elements to help give you an extra boost! Like the above 2d elements, you will use these in a similar way to evolve your ideas.

The over all concept of these 2d and 3d elements, is to provide a kit by where you can remove the need to build original parts, and simply focus on making creative choices by combining elements and moving them around into unique compositions. Personally I find this process a lot of fun, I love the process of taking a few simple elements, moving them around and arranging them in new ways. It's surprising how many unique ideas you can create from a few simple elements. Now imagine what you can do with 80 brushes, 200 3d elements, and over 280 unique 2d elements!

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