Dexsoft Games – Industrial Models Bundle Vol. 1-7

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Dexsoft Games – Industrial Models Bundle Vol. 1-7

Dexsoft Games – Industrial Models Bundle Vol. 1-7

Collection of 3D models of industrial buildings, objects for gaming, from the well-known producer Dexsoft Games. These are various houses, objects, structures and elements of industrial orientation. The collection includes models in numerous popular 3D formats for game engines, LOD-objects of models, seamless textures, maps of normals, glare, and screenshots of objects.

Dexsoft is a developer and distributor of real-time content. We specialized to create high-quality low-poly 3D models, textures, animations and audio for video games and real-time presentations.


Industrial 1: This pack contains 79 models (including all LOD stages), 33 unique models.
Industrial 2: This pack contains 111 models (including all LOD stages), 60 unique models.
Industrial 3: This pack contains 62 models (including all LOD stages), 23 unique models.
Industrial 4: This pack contains 69 models (including all LOD stages), 31 unique models.
Industrial 5: This pack contains 59 models (including all LOD stages), 27 unique models.
Industrial 6: This pack contains 14 models (including all LOD stages), 7 unique models.
Industrial 7: This pack contains 33 models (including all LOD stages), 19 unique models.

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heretic133 writes:
I'm sure I have seen 'Redwood Forest Collection' in a bundle, But I cant remember which one was it.
Salgado writes:
Thanks for upload i relly like Procedural Landscape Ecosystem, if you find please upload Redwood Forest Collection from
Xavis writes:
Faltan los vídeos de la construcción de los modelos en Blender, actualmente solo estan en 02_Level_Desing y el
tesla writes:
Hey i cant unpack the Character Interation everything else works fine. Is it possible you could Upload that one Pack